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By | January 25, 2010

Yesterday’s sermon was over 2 of the 4 Biblical principles that our Preacher lives by daily. It was again another one of those sermons that I needed to hear. The 2 standards that he spoke of were:
1. Trusting in God.
2. Knowing that Happiness is a choice.
These are things that I try to keep in mind, but these last couple of years have been quite trying for me. I’ve almost felt like anytime I decided I was going to be happy, I couldn’t because I am “unemployed.”
I’m not able to:
— save for my kids’ college.
— go on big trips and cruises.
— do all the fix-ups to the house.
— etc!
And basically that due to the fact I have no job (or least not a full-time teaching job) my life is on hold. I think to myself, “Life is not supposed to be like this. This is not the way I pictured my life at all.” Then, I’m reminded of the sermon last week; what I picture my life to be may not be what God has planned for me. That is scary in so many ways. I know it shouldn’t be. I have to rely on God. I know deep down through all my layers of pain, guilt, bitterness (not towards God but towards situations), that He does have a plan and He will see it through.

Growing up, I worked very hard to keep a positive outlook on life. I had positive, uplifting sayings posted all over my room. I think even my first couple years of marriage I had positive statements on my bathroom mirror. I need to find the positive. I’m so bad about looking at the negative and dwelling on it. That seems to be human nature. People hover around at their job and flare up discussing the negative about their daily jobs, bosses, etc. People gossip about friends or situations, which only result in negativity. You turn on the news and they are harping on what this person did wrong or the murders that were committed. All negative. The more I think of it, this world buzzes on negativity.

I’m going to really work on these 2 principles myself. When I start to worry, I’m going to STOP and pray. When I start to think negative thoughts, I’m going to find the positive in life and be happy.

How do you keep yourself from getting in a rut of negativity and unhappiness?

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