In 9 Years of Marriage

By | August 29, 2006

Since tomorrow is Rob’s and my 9th anniversary, I’ve been thinking about the last 9 years and what has happened since we got married way back in 1997…
Before the Big Moment

1997 – found out I was pregnant – not only pregnant – but 5 months along!

1998 – had a baby boy, Drew
Drew Just Got Home!

1998 – Drew was baptized and my grandparents came for that

1997-1999 continued going to college with a newborn

1999 – had to put Jenny to sleep after a sudden illness caused her much pain

1999 – my grandfather (the one who was my legal guardian and raised me since I was 3) passed away
Me and my Granddad in the Snow

1999 – went on a graduation trip to the Pacific Northwest
Dune Buggy

1999 – graduated from college
Me on Graduation Day 99

1999 – started teaching

1999 – bought a house

2000 – decided to get a new dog

2002 – started trying to get pregnant

2002-2003 endured lots of fertility drugs and painful progesterone in oil injections and lots of blood withdrawal

2003 – Rob graduated from college!
Rob's Graduation

2001, 2002, 2003 went on 4 cruises in 3 years!
Before our 1st Cruise

Getting Ready to Cruise!

St. Thomas

2003 – finally got pregnant

2003 – Took Drew on a cruise before new baby comes
Family at Atlantis

2004 – had baby boy #2 (Alex)

2004 – went to California, Oregon, Washington

2004 – went to New York
New York City

2004 – I started teaching closer to home in the nearby city

2004 – Alex got baptized
T's Baptism

2005 – Got my very own URL for my blog and got our very own family URL!

2005 – Took Drew on another cruise
Waiting to leave

2005 – Rob’s Grandfather, Bob, passed away

Numerous trips to Texas
Granddad and Kenz with Mr. A

4th of July 2004

Numerous trips to Louisiana
Great Grandparents

Lots of weekend trips
Gulfport, Mississippi

Lots of minor medical problems with me. Lots of weddings, new babies in the family. Lots of football games, baseball games, other Auburn sports events. A 13 and 0 Auburn football season! Taken over 5,000 pictures!! Gone to lots of concerts! Lots of musicals! Not too many movies. Hit 2 deer. 1 car wreck (totaled). Bought 1 SUV and 1 Honda Accord.

Gosh…we endured so much although it doesn’t seem like that much just listing all this…I might come back and add more.

And what’s to come? Well, no more babies for us. We can look forward to raising the 2 boys that we have. Watching them grow, learn, make mistakes, and hopefully grow to be responsible young men with prospering careers! I look forward to lots of travels, good food, good health, and much much more!

0 thoughts on “In 9 Years of Marriage

  1. Stacy

    Wow, congratulations to you guys! Happy Anniversary and many many more happy years to come 🙂

    Loved seeing all the pictures – totally jealous of all the traveling you’ve done. Several of those are on my list of places I want to visit!

  2. Oma Flinger

    Wow, look at all the fun you’ve had and those cruises too.
    Cute boys. It’s always amazing to me what life is really all about and the adventures we have.


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