30 days of Thankfulness – Day 1

By | November 1, 2011

I’m going to do the 30 days of thankfulness challenge and they are in no particular order. I’m going to base what I’m thankful for according to my current life happenings.

So today I’m thankful for my blog and the company that hosts it, Eleven2. The reason being, yesterday I was quickly trying to do something on here before I had to run out and get Alex from school. When I got back to the posts page in WordPress it showed NO POSTS! I had deleted every single post. 6 years of writing, 6 years of memories, 6 years of lots of hard work…GONE! I started freaking out, trying to figure out how to undo. WordPress doesn’t have an “undo” button. 🙁 I knew there had to be a back-up of everything, but I didn’t know enough about how the databases work with WordPress, etc. So I contacted my hosting company, Eleven2, through chat and they said they could restore it. After several hours and some trouble shooting on my part, we got everything back up and running.

Like I said earlier, some people may think blogs are stupid, or not understand the point in them, whatever, but when you have invested 6 years…countless hours of writing, researching, remembering, posting, it is a big part of who I am. Whether I have 100 readers or 2 readers. That’s not the point. This is my book of my life and I am thankful to have it, to go back and read. That’s the reason I put the random posts widget over in my sidebar —> I go there and click and read. It’s amazing how our memory fails us.

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