Friday Letters

By | May 4, 2012


Dear Dr. Principal,
I’m flattered that you think I’m an 8th or 9th grader. Although, I find it sad that my child says you don’t know any of the students and he’s not surprised you would make such mistake. Now that you have your PhD, maybe you should work on getting to know your parents and students.
Not meaning to sound sarcastic, just stating the way I feel…

Dear Magnolia Mom (that’s me),
Don’t take a offense when people from other departments call your department, hear your voice and assume that you are a student. Take this as a compliment. You have a clear, cheery voice that could easily be mistaken for a college student any day of the week!
Your cheery self

Dear house,
Why don’t you clean yourself?
That’s all,

Dear Teenager,
Yes, I’m going to worry about you. Don’t take offense when I remind of things that I know deep down you don’t need reminding of. I love you and as you get older, I’m probably going to worry about you more than I did when you were little. It’s simply because you are getting older, earning more responsibility and therefore, are not under my supervision much. I trust that when you are out and about without me, that you will make the right decisions. I know deep down I don’t have to worry, but it’s in my nature, so just go ahead and get over it.
Love you much,

One thought on “Friday Letters

  1. krystle

    I look young too. I often get guessed at at like 13 years younger than I am. I don’t really think that I look that young but then again I see myself everyday. Have you noticed the older the other person is the younger they think you are?


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