Forth July 4th Trip 2013::Gatlinburg, TN {Day 4}

By | August 2, 2013

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Saturday, we got up, ate breakfast, and went to Ober Gatlinburg. It had been raining, so when we got there, the Alpine slide wasn’t open yet. We decided to go ahead and get the activity bracelet, and took the ski lift all the way up to the top of Mount Harrison.

4thOfJulyTrip2013 - 0662

4thOfJulyTrip2013 - 0670

4thOfJulyTrip2013 - 0735

Beautiful views at the top
4thOfJulyTrip2013 - 0675

And some entertainment
4thOfJulyTrip2013 - 0731

And….back down.
4thOfJulyTrip2013 - 0742

Then, they opened the Alpine slide. Yay!
4thOfJulyTrip2013 - 0688

4thOfJulyTrip2013 - 0745

After riding the alpine slide 6 or 7 times we took a few plunges down water slides. Well, everyone but me.
4thOfJulyTrip2013 - 0705

4thOfJulyTrip2013 - 0719

4thOfJulyTrip2013 - 0706

We went back to the chalet for lunch and saw this little guy on the way back.
4thOfJulyTrip2013 - 0726

After the guys grilled out burgers, we were re-energized and ready to go back!

Fun on the swings
4thOfJulyTrip2013 - 0710

The kids ice skated for an hour and half or so. Alex clung to the wall for the first half, until Rob went down there and told him he had to get off the wall. Drew enjoyed helping his brother out.
4thOfJulyTrip2013 - 0781

The passes from the Aerial Tram from the day before were good for a second day so, Nick, David, and I decided to go for another ride down the mountain. While at the bottom of the mountain, we went to the Nantahala Outdoor Center.

4thOfJulyTrip2013 - 0798

The kids had passes to go into the Wild Life Encounter, which was a glorified zoo with bears, snakes, skunks, and a few other animals. Drew took my p&s camera in and got some shots.
4thOfJulyTrip2013 - 0811

4thOfJulyTrip2013 - 0807

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