Forth July 4th Trip 2013::Gatlinburg, TN {Day 3}

By | July 29, 2013

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Forth July 4th Trip 2013::Gatlinburg, TN {Day 3}

The next day of trip we rolled out of bed at the crack of dawn. Wolfed down some waffles and quiche and hit the road towards Cades Cove. Cades Cove is a very popular attraction, which is about 35 miles from Gatlinburg. This isolated valley was the settling place for 100s of settlers in the 1800’s. It’s preserved homesteads, beautiful mountain views, and abundant wildlife are reasons why 2 million visitors come every year.

John Oliver’s Cabin
4thOfJulyTrip2013 - 0339

In the cemetery behind the primitive baptist church. We noticed that a lot of babies and toddlers were buried here. So sad.
4thOfJulyTrip2013 - 0377

Piano inside the primitive baptist church
4thOfJulyTrip2013 - 0362

4thOfJulyTrip2013 - 0382

We saw a few deer
4thOfJulyTrip2013 - 0390

John P. Cable Mill
4thOfJulyTrip2013 - 0519

After several hours of driving through and walking around, it was time for refueling. We got back to the chalet, ate lunch, and then drove over to Ober Gatlinburg to hop on the Aerial Tram to Downtown Gatlinburg.

4thOfJulyTrip2013 - 0540

First on our list was Christ Museum and Gardens. This is $10/person. Truthfully, not sure it was worth it.
4thOfJulyTrip2013 - 0573

You’re not allowed to take pics of the exhibits inside, only the garden at the end of the tour.
4thOfJulyTrip2013 - 0566

From there we walked over to the Space Needle Arcade. We played a game of lazer tag as a family and then dispersed to use the tokens on video games, ski ball, etc.
4thOfJulyTrip2013 - 0607

4thOfJulyTrip2013 - 0594

4thOfJulyTrip2013 - 0587

We were ready for a snack at this point, so we hungrily found our way here for a foot long corn dog. I must say these are the best corn dogs I’ve ever had!
4thOfJulyTrip2013 - 0614

4thOfJulyTrip2013 - 0623

After we devoured that the boys got candied apples.
4thOfJulyTrip2013 - 0622

4thOfJulyTrip2013 - 0621

We enjoyed some hammer dulcimer & guitar playing and then opted for dinner at Blaine’s Bar and Grill.
4thOfJulyTrip2013 - 0626
Blaine’s was really good food and super fast, which was great since some of needed to catch the tram back up to the top of the mountain. We then drove back down the mountain to pick up everybody else, some of which are afraid of heights. 😉

4thOfJulyTrip2013 - 0631

See all the pics from Day 3 here.

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