My Fav Pics from 2009

By | January 6, 2010

I went through all 11,000 pics I took last year! I narrowed it down to about 90 something and then had to choose from there. It was fun and a bit challenging. As an “artist” I think we get attached to certain pictures for one reason or another. I tried not to just post the top 10 that I’m attached to.

Auburn Vet School Open House
Ok, this picture just evokes complete happiness and laughter. We were watching a herding demonstration and as you see, the one sheep wasn’t happy with the pushing and shoving so it just leaped up. I love that I was able to capture it.

This was from a playdate with my Alex at the Auburn Airport. I had such a great time. In fact, I think I even mentioned in my post that I had more fun than he did. I love the way this one turned out with a little vintage effect.

During our Gulfport trip, I took tons of pictures of this bird. I kept slowly walking towards him to get a closer capture. He seemed pretty nonchalant.

HorseShowAuburn - 848
This is a shot from the Horse Show I photographed in the spring. I loved getting these action shots. I was so happy with how they turned out and had tons of favorites.

Snow in Alabama 2009
Since we haven’t had snow in years, I was so eager to get outside during this nice snowfall back in March. I just love the ways the snow is covering the trees.

Basketball Game
Very happy with the fact I got this picture in a dark coliseum.

Spirit putting on a show
During this first football game of Auburn’s season, I probably took 30 shots of this eagle doing his routine pre-game flight. This one is just such a favorite.

Ferguson - 82 copy
This was my first maternity session of a non-family member. SO much fun with such a fun couple. I just love this one. I believe it was a favorite of theirs too. It just makes me think of the waiting and anticipation that occurs during ones pregnancy, especially that last month. If you’re looking for something like this, then contact experts like this maternity photographer Raleigh, NC.

JSL Charity Ball
I took this at a charity ball. I was trying lots of different settings in the dark room. And yes, this is one I fell in love with pretty much right after I saw it after uploading it.

This is my little sister and her fiance. She and Chris are so in love and it shows. I had such a good time seeing them and taking these pictures.

Which one do you like best?

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