Fall Soup Season with Progresso #FallSoupSeason #giveaway #ad

By | October 5, 2015

The Winner of the $15 paypal giveaway is Katherine G from LaLaLandMommy.com!

Fall is my favorite time of year. A few of my favorite things I love about Fall are:
–Changing colors
–Watching auburn football
–Hot chocolate
–Cooler weather
Fall Soup Season with Progresso
–Fall décor
–Apple picking
–Oversized fluffy sweaters
–Hot apple cider
–High school football games and marching bands
–Roasting pumpkin seeds
–Going to cut down firewood at Mr. Tony’s farm
–Taking time to be thankful
–Visiting pumpkin patches
Is fall your favorite season? I mean how can it not be!

With the start of school, as well as the myriad of after school activities, we are no doubt stretched to the limit. On week nights, Rob and I are running here, there, and what seems like everywhere. Dinner often seems to be the last thing on my mind. Fall Soup Season with Progresso is a great answer to those nights when there just doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day. On these cool or cold evenings, when we get home from a long night of soccer practice, all of us of are ready to get cozy with a nice warm bowl of soup. Hot chocolate and a bowl of soup is calling my name.

Fall Soup Season with Progresso #FallSoupSeason #giveaway #ad

I recently saw that Publix was going to have a BOGO deal (October 1st – 7th) that would include the Progresso Traditional and Rich & Hearty style soups. I love Publix’s BOGOs.

Fall Soup Season with Progresso #FallSoupSeason #giveaway #ad

To make the deal even sweeter Progresso currently has coupon, which you can print by clicking this link—>Progresso Coupon Get them before they’re all gone!

With this coupon and the BOGO, it’s the perfect time to stock up and save (October 1st – October 30th).

When I went to Publix the other night with coupon in hand, I could not believe the variety of flavors available. Everything from Italian-Style Wedding to Roasted Chicken Primavera. They even have low calorie and gluten free varieties!
Fall Soup Season with Progresso #FallSoupSeason #giveaway #ad

I haven’t had canned soup in a while, but after warming up a can of the Progresso Tomato Florentine with Italian Sausage, I was so impressed with the heartiness of this meal. The soup had nice large chunks of meat, carrots, and tomatoes as well as lasagna noodles. I served it with some fluffy potatoes rolls and sesame crackers.
Fall Soup Season with Progresso #FallSoupSeason #giveaway #ad

After enjoying the Tomato Florentine so much, I’m looking forward to trying the others that I got.
Fall Soup Season with Progresso #FallSoupSeason #giveaway #ad

$15 Paypal Giveaway
One lucky reader will win a Paypal payment of $15! All you have to do to be entered into the drawing for this $15 prize is click here to download the coupon and come back and comment below. Tell me which Progress flavor you’d like to try. Deadline to enter is October 23rd. Winner will be announced October 26th.

I hope you come to love Fall Soup Season with Progresso as much as I do! #FallSoupSeason

Fall Soup Season with Progresso #FallSoupSeason #giveaway #ad

18 thoughts on “Fall Soup Season with Progresso #FallSoupSeason #giveaway #ad

  1. FabEllis

    I love soaps in the fall and winter! I love having the traditional chicken noodle soup, but I love Progresso’s because they always have a little something extra.

  2. carol w

    I would like to try the traditional Chicken Noodle. thanks for the chance

  3. Neiddy

    My favorite is the traditional chicken noodle. Thanks for the chance to win!

  4. Deborah G.

    My favorite is Progresso’s Italian Wedding soup! Thanks for the chance.


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