Happy September, yall! Here’s my Currently post for this month.

beginning to look forward to Fall and football! I’m really hoping we have an early onset of cooler temperatures, which usually tease us a time or 2 in September or October. However, real cooler temps don’t show up till November here.

ending I’m ready to end this stressful part of the semester. August is a busy time for me at work hiring and training. This year during this time I got COVID so that meant leaving my job to others, which I always hate doing. I am having to hire some more folks for shifts that have come open because of class schedule changes and freshman that decided they needed to not work their first semester.

loving I am still really tired and I’m still having some congestion, so unfortunately I’m still loving my bed. I went to bed at 8 something last night. I’m really hoping that all this ends soon!

picking Still picking lots of tomatoes! I have some ‘overflow’ tomato plants that I planted in the yard and I don’t go down there that often. I went down there the other day and found all this that was ready to be picked!

2021-08-25 11.42.43

posting I have honestly been struggling to post lately. Between being sick and work being a lot right now, I just have no motivation.

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