/choosing/ Joy or at least trying really hard for it! I’ll never forget the post from Ashley about Choosing Joy that has stuck with me>>>Choose Joy.

Currently - March 2021

/imagining/ Dare I say, a world without COVID?!?! Life around here, is in some ways are returning to ‘normal.’ My work place is almost entirely back to normal. In person classes and most everyone is back at work full time. My department isn’t quite there yet, but I think we will be by summer May or June. Unfortunately sports has not embraced ‘normalcy’ yet. Super restricted at all events on campus. I’m ready for our performing arts center to start having life events again. I’m ready to have date nights in Atlanta for live concerts. I’m ready to go on a cruise! These are all the things I’m imagining doing very soon!

/making/ plans for my summer garden, which I’ll post about soon, I hope.

/recommending/ Anyone from beginner to the well seasoned gardener will find this book by my favorite YouTuber, Jessica Sowards from Roots & Refuge Farm a great resource! I pre-ordered this last summer and it hit the bookshelves this week. So excited for it to finally show up in my mailbox!

The First-time Gardener: Growing Vegetables

The First-Time Gardener by YouTuber Jessica Sowards from Roots and Refuge Farm

/wearing/ I’m in the office this week, so I’m dressed up. I’m wearing my hair down today. Since I got it cut last week, I have to get used to ‘fixing’ my hair. This is one of my favorite shirts that I got last year at Ross. Such great bargains there!


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