Currently – March 2019

By | March 6, 2019

Today I’m linking up with Anne at In Residence for March’s Currently post.

Currently - March 19

/scheming/ Not sure we’re scheming on anything, but we are planning our summer trip. More info to come. I’m super excited about it though.

/reading/ I’m currently reading parts of books for my bible study, but I’m really anxious to read some of the Young Adult award winning books, such as The House of One Thousand Eyes and A Heart in a Body in the World

/buying/ I love the gel highlighters. I had one at work and it ran out so I need to order more. I’m also obsessed with these Threader earrings.

/making/ We’re making plans to celebrate Alex’s birthday tomorrow! How can he be 15 already?

/accomplishing/ A while back I scanned all the old photos from my grandmother’s. However, that’s all I did. So now I have the task of going through them all to see if they scanned ok, if they are labeled correctly, etc. There’s 1000’s of pics so it is a huge task, but once it gets done I’ll be able to get rid (mailing pics to different family members along with a CD of all the pics). Fun but tedious!

5 thoughts on “Currently – March 2019

  1. Sara

    Threader earrings are so fun; and you don’t have to worry about ever loosing the backs! 🙂 Hope you have a great time celebrating your not so little buddy!

    1. Lysha Post author

      Yeah, people’s reaction to the threader earrings are sometimes so funny. Asking how do you put them on.

  2. Anne

    I always feel like dealing with photos is a big task, but so worth it in the end! And yay for summer trips and birthday celebrations.


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