Y’all how is it December?!?! I’m still in disbelief that were in the midst of the Advent season.

Here’s my Currently post for December.

decorating This last weekend Alex and I pulled down all the Christmas bins. I decorated. We will get our Christmas tree this weekend, but I’m happy to have this part done. Here’s a few pics from the living room.

2021-11-30 20.39.52

2021-11-30 20.40.04

2021-11-30 20.40.14

feeling I’m feeling relieved. A new requirement for high school seniors to graduate is to fill out the FAFSA because apparently last year millions of dollars were not used. Today is the deadline…at least for Alex’s high school. Last night I couldn’t get the FAFSA do sink up with the IRS page. I had to fill it in manually, which is a pain. I had to get Rob to help me to make sure I put all the right info, so I’m quite relieved to have that done.

2021-12-01 08.30.11

sending I’m sending emails to student worker applicants because it’s hiring time again. We don’t have too many applications yet, which is annoying. I hate that the application couldn’t be put up when I asked. Students procrastinate, so this makes it more stressful to get everyone hired before students start leaving after finals next week.

smelling the gum I chewing. I buy this stuff by the bag, because I chew it a lot.

2021-12-01 08.38.16

wrapping I’m not wrapping anything. I’ve hardly purchased anything. Nothing out of the ordinary for us!

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