/arranging/ We are still working on re-arranging some stuff in our closet. I mentioned before that when we got new carpet upstairs it forced us to remove and pack up everything in the 3 bedrooms upstairs. This helped us to get a fresh start. We have an extra closet in the master that will become an extra closet for me. Rob has added storage in his office’s closet, where a lot that stuff will go. Once all that is done, I’ll finally show pictures of the new carpet upstairs.

/craving/ Hmmm…I’m really not craving much of anything. I told Rob the earlier I’m in the food funk, where nothing sounds good. I’m tired of having to think about what do cook or where to go out to eat. Just blah! Do you ever get like that?

/discussing/ We’ve been discussing summer travels. I’m not sure if we’ll do anything. We often piggy back vacations on to Rob’s work conferences and those are still not allowed. Maybe we’ll end up planning something, but right now discussions are quietened.

/enjoying/ I’ve really been enjoying the old show Army Wives on ABC. I never watched it when it was actually Lifetime, but its my current binge show.

/preparing/ I’m preparing to plant all my seedlings this weekend. When you start seeds inside under grow lights, you have to ‘harden’ them off, by bringing them outside for a few hours to get acclimated to sun, wind, etc.

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