Alex’s 1st Camp Out as a Boy Scout

By | May 1, 2015

Family Friday
A couple weekends ago Alex attended his first Boy Scout campout without Rob or us as a family. Boy Scouts is quite different from Cub Scouts in that campouts don’t include parents unless they are certified leaders. Drew, of course, was there. They went to Cumberland Caves in McMinnville, TN. Here they are before leaving.
Alex's 1st Camp Out as a Boy Scout

Alex's 1st Camp Out as a Boy Scout

Here are a few pictures provided by the leaders on the trip.
Alex's 1st Camp Out as a Boy Scout

Not only did they enjoy the typical educational walking tour through the cave while learning about stalactites and stalagmites, they also got a true spelunking experience. They covered their heads with helmets which came with a handy headlamp. These proved to be quite useful as the next 2 hours were spent on their hands and knees and sometimes even their stomachs and they had to lay flat on their stomachs and inch their way through narrow nooks and crannies.

After making it through they enjoyed some snacks from the snack bar and then it was time to prepare for what I’m sure was a restful night in a cold, very dark cave. *sarcasm*
Alex's 1st Camp Out as a Boy Scout

Alex's 1st Camp Out as a Boy Scout

When the guys got home, it was quite apparent that the cave was quite wet, and muddy as they unpacked everything was still pasty, slimy, wet, and muddy! A full load of clothes was washed…2 times over and sleeping bags were cleaned as well. The guys had a great time and look forward to the next adventure with their troop.

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  1. Kiki

    I’m so glad this program still exists. Some many skills can be learned in boy scouts and girl scouts. I really hope my daughter will want to join one day. (:


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