Adventures at the Doctor’s Office!

By | June 8, 2009

Today I took Drew to the dr. for a check up for boy scout camp that he’ll be attending in a couple weeks. We saw a new doctor, Dr. M@tt C@rter, who was super nice. Drew checked out great, but to my surprise he had to get 2 shots. No big deal or so we thought….

The nurses come in to give him the shots in his arm. Didn’t seem to phase him much so he hops up and we go to pay and leave. On our way out the door he mentions that he feels like he’s gonna throw up. I look over he’s pouring sweat and white as a ghost. I tell him we need to go in and sit down for a few minutes. However, he says no and continues to walk towards the car. He leans over like he’s gonna hurl. I took him by the arm and said we’re going inside. After letting go of him so I could open the door, he lays out on the ground. Without really thinking things through, I run in and tell the front desk people that he had just gotten shots and is not feeling good. They ask me something, but I’m thinking I really need to be out there with him and Alex who is running around since he’s not getting the attention. I try to grab Alex’s arm, but he wants to play chase. All this while Drew is still sweating profusely and continues to lose color in his face that he doesn’t have! I manage to get Drew inside to sit down.

Fuming at this point, I go outside and have to chase my lovely 5 yo around. And as everyone from inside watch, I’m feeling like #1 Mom right now, looking pretty old cool! NOT. I manage to grab Alex’s arm with the “you better behave before I lose it” kind of grip. After going inside I get in his face, I tell him that his brother is not feeling well and I need him to sit down and not to move. I got some wet paper towels and put them on Drew’s forehead. The nurses came out with a wheelchair and wheeled him back to the room. They had him lay down and a few minutes later come in to take his blood pressure and told him to lay down until he feels better.

Dr. Carter comes in, sits down, and talks with us for a few minutes. He shared with us that after military come back from being overseas, there’s a period of time military have to wait before giving blood. He got back from Iraq, waited until the time had passed, and decided to give blood. After the needle was inserted, he started to feel light-headed and his wife had to be called in to take him home. That would be something he would never live down. I just thought it was so nice of him to take that time to sit with us. Hopefully it didn’t put him too far behind, but they didn’t seem real busy.

Drew worked his way from laying, to sitting, to standing, and felt ok finally so we were able to head home. All is good now, but not without a little adventure at the doctor’s office!

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