13 Things: 2006 (TT #18)

By | June 11, 2009

Thirteen things…
I’ve been doing some “tidying” up of my blogosphere and realized that all my banners for Thursday 13 were because the original website is gone. So I went and fixed that. Then I found a link to a new Thursday 13 site and decided I might try to pick back up on this. This used to be one of my favorite posts to do each week.

Now thinking about what to write for my 13 this week. I’m going to list 13 things that have happened since my last Thursday 13 post, which was at the end of 2006!
1. Sold our 1st house and moved into a new house
2. Had career issues
3. Started my own business
4. Got a new computer
5. Been on lots of road trips
6. Been on 1 cruise
7. Cut my hair short
8. Did some remodeling to our new house
9. Quit blogging for awhile
10. Got a new car
11. Went to lots of concerts
12. Took tons of pictures
13. Taught myself how to use CS3 & CS4

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