A Mouse in the House…

By | September 14, 2005

I forgot to tell ya yesterday that yesterday morning when I got up and went into the bathroom, I was holding my breath. Knowing that a mouse might be on one of the sticky traps, I was scared. I turned the light on and my heart sunk when I saw the poor little mouse on the trap. I thought to myself, “well, we gotcha!” I stood there for awhile looking at it. She was starting to move. ICK! It made me so sad. I couldn’t bring myself to use the bathroom in there, so I went upstairs. After I got dressed, I went back in there to do my hair and makeup. As I was doing my makeup I could hear her trying to pull herself off there! EEEEYEWWW!!! It was so sad! So when I got home yesterday, Rob had discarded it and I was thinking all is good now! Today I cleaned up the mess in the bathroom and said well if there are anymore, which I don’t think there is, then I’ll know by the new droppings!

Well, it didn’t take that…

Drew was in the bathroom and yelled, ” I SEE A BABY MOUSE!” I was like yah whatever. Rob said, “Nuh-uh!” He yelled back, “YES THERE IS!! COME HERE!” And d@m* if he wasn’t right! We opened the armoire drawer up after the little mouse ran back under the armoire and looked. When we looked hard enough we saw a bunch of babies piled up on each other. We got a box and picked the T-shirt up with them in there and then managed to get the loose one to run in the box. Rob and Drew are at Walmart now getting something to keep them in. We’ll release them some where far away from house when they get big enough to fend for themselves. Especially since we killed their mom:(

I’m just real curious now where Daddy is?

Here they are after we caught them…

Baby mice

Baby mice

Baby mice

Baby mice

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