80’s party

By | June 20, 2012

A few weeks ago, we went to our friend’s 40th Birthday party. It was 80’s Themed. We scrounged around an hour before the party. I was lucky enough to come across my original New Kids on the Block shirt that was mine back when I was in Jr. high. Yes, I could still wear it, only because it used to be a night shirt! 🙂

Friend'sBirthday80'sTheme - 01
Super cool party favors

The Birthday Boy and his wife, who threw the awesome party!
The birthday boy and his wife-y

Havin' fun
Me and my babe

Best friends
The Fab 4

Rockin' it 80's Style!
Too cute!

Friend'sBirthday80'sTheme - 23
Loved the cake! Precious!

Friend'sBirthday80'sTheme - 11
Denim mini skirt…oh ya! Side pony tail christened with a large bow!

Friend'sBirthday80'sTheme - 05
An 80’s party is not complete with out MJ, Care Bears, and Ronald Reagan, right?

See more pics from the party.

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