3 Crazy Unique Vacation Ideas

By | December 2, 2022

A vacation is often well-deserved, but some people don’t want to settle for the same things everyone else does. It’s probably something you’ve done before, and you could even be bored at the thought of it. With a few unique vacation ideas like taking shore excursions, your next trip can be much more appealing. Here’s three vacation options that stand out with this.

3 Crazy Vacation Ideas

1. Lake Sailing

Not all exclusive vacation ideas need to be thrill-seeking adventures. Sometimes, it could be as simple as getting sailing lessons on Lake Lanier. You can enjoy a more tranquil experience while enjoying the water and learning a new skill.

If you’re focused on having a relaxing outdoor adventure, this could be more appealing. With some time, you could even end up becoming a bit of a pro at it. You’ll be more relaxed than you think.

2. Walk With Gorillas

When traveling we often think about the locals as in people. However, in certain parts of the world, these are far from the only beings you’ll come across. Volcanoes National Park is one such place, and you could come face to face with quite a few gorillas.

You shouldn’t need to worry about safety, provided you stick within the community’s rules. Once you’re there, you could walk side-by-side with the gorillas and make wonderful memories. The thrill-seeking aspect could be a part of this as well.

3. Learn The Art Of The Ninja

Tales of ninja have been captivating audiences for centuries, but these aren’t just fairy tales. They’re a way of life in many parts of Japan and you can learn much more about this by visiting there. While you wouldn’t learn about the age-old adage of ninjas being assassins, you can learn almost every other part of being a ninja.

If you’re looking for somewhat of a thrill and have an interest in Japanese history, then there’s no reason not to consider this. After meeting your Ninjutsu teacher at a dojo, you’ll be shown and taught how ninjas fight, think, and even breathe. It’ll give you much more of an appreciation of this ancient way of life.

By choosing a few unique vacation ideas, you can make your time away more interesting and enjoyable. You shouldn’t need to settle for something boring that you’ve done before. You’ll not only have a better time on your vacation, but you’ll create memories you can look back on fondly.

Learning the art of the ninja in Japan, lake sailing, and even walking with gorillas can be some of the more notable. At a minimum, they should be an interesting time you’ll love and be able to brag about to friends and family.

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