2024::Jan 14-20

By | January 22, 2024


+ 17 degrees a couple days last week. Seriously?!?!?

+ on my walk one day this bird on sat on the trashcan and didn’t move while I walked by so I turned around and snapped this pic of him.

+ I made stuffed bell peppers – Keto style – and the were so good!

+ Kayleigh is just cute

+ another Auburn University Gymnastics meet Friday night. This time with Rob.

+ Taziki’s Greek Salad with Caitlyn on our monthly lunch date.

+ These are markers, pens, and pencils I’m going through. I think I might have a light addiction to office supplies 🙂

+ Taco soup

+ Winter table-scape

4 thoughts on “2024::Jan 14-20

  1. Missy

    Ooooh I need that recipe for stuffed bell peppers! I’m always looking for something healthy and yummy!

  2. Leslie Susan Clingan

    We have some pigeons in our neighborhood who aren’t afraid of the devil himself. Kind of sad to think these creatures have become so accustomed to man that they don’t fly away when we get near.

    Taco soup is always a yes!! And so are pens and markers and art supplies. I need to start spring cleaning now so I am done when spring arrives. My junk drawers overfloweth with office supplies!!

  3. Joanne

    I’m like that with pens and markers too! All the food looks so good.


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