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By | February 5, 2009

I found a very cool site, which caused me to have a blast from the past because while looking at this awesome new site, I saw this:

Anyway, when I saw this, my mind went retro and I just started thinking of all the things that I used to love to play with. Although some seem a bit obscure, they were still toys that I spent hours and hours with.

So the picture above lead me to think of the Spirograph Toy.

It seems they have a modernized one:

I did love to draw and do artsy stuff, so this was for sure up my alley! I used all different colors and loved to see how colorful I could make my designs.

Then there was the Mattel Barbie Fashion Plates.

I’m sure when my family saw me playing with these, mixing and matching, changing colors and patterns they thought I might grow up to be a fasion designer. haha. Such a great toy. If I had a little girl, it would be a must have and even still I’d love to have this again, just cuz!

Then there was the painting spinning thing that was so cool! You’d put the small poster board on there with the paint, turn it on, and it would spin around and then you’d have this awesome creation. SO. FUN!

Here’s a modernized version.

Of course, there was the Lite Brite that I think was pretty popular among the masses and the View Master, which were among my favs.

Looking all this up trying to remember the names, I found a couple other toys that were popular that weren’t my fav like the Speak and Spell.

A friend of mine had one and we wore that thing out. Still, it was good, educational toy.

Rainbow Bright was a doll, I got for Christmas I guess and LOVED. HER! But it was short-lived!

And cartoons…

Although I was never one to really watch animation the only cartoon I really watched was the Smurfs. When I went to my mom’s for some reason we always watch PeeWee Herman. Eeee-Gads!

Other cartoons that I remember were:
Shirt Tales

Fraggle Rock


Punky Brewster – Loved her and did you know she’s on Twitter now!

If this made you feel nostalgic and want go back in time here are some great sites that might help:

I Love the 80s
Like Totally 80s

I’d love for you to share some of your fav of old toys.

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