While driving with my 2 year old…

By | May 3, 2006

There was a really good song that came on the radio so I turned it up a little.
2 yo: thwots wong, mommy? (what’s wrong, mommy?)
me: what?
2 yo: TB up? (TV up?)
me: Nooo, that’s the ray-dee-o
2 yo: Way-D-O, Mommy?
me: yeah, radio
2 yo: I’m sansin’, Mommy (I’m dancin’, Mommy)
I look in the rear view mirror and he was dancing and laughing.

Times like this make it all worth while!

0 thoughts on “While driving with my 2 year old…

  1. Joan

    I came looking for your thursday 13; but I am glad I got to read this cute story! AW!!! I did your gig for a lot of years – mommy-teacher combo! It’s a hard life – but it sure has its rewarding moments.

  2. Jamie

    Too cute! I love the stage where they say so many cute things that you can’t keep up with them. šŸ™‚


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