I am from paper clips, from Paper Mate and Cross Pens.

I am from the the red brick house with white metal window shades, shaggy red and blue carpets, orange and lime tile, and moth ball odors.

I am from the Ivy, Marigolds, and pine cones. I am from the Oak trees, Pansies, and Cloves.

I am from big Christmas traditions and round rosy cheeks, from Wells and Dennis and Harris.

I am from the calm, cool, and collected and understanding, sensitive, and forgiving.

From “Your hair is so pretty” and “Education is your top priority”.

I am from the United Methodist Church, where I have learned to try and be a steward of God.

I’m from Glenview Hospital and England, chili and sausage balls.

From the a Great Grandmother who was short and wore high heels everyday of her life, the Grandmother who was a tomboy, and the Grandfather who dreamed of being a Texas Aggie.

I am from priceless stacks of photo albums, that are probably yellowing in an attic somewhere.

(I started this awhile back. Template found here.)