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By | June 2, 2011

I have lots to catch you up on.
Let’s start with last Friday after I got off work.
– trip to Sam’s, Walmart, and Kroger for jambalaya fixings, drinks, and snacks for Saturday
– cut up 6 lbs of meat and gathered up everything for the lake
– up at 7 am
– ran to Kroger for a spoon to stir the Jambalaya, since I threw the other one away
– got to the lake
– had a great time; visiting with friends and family, riding on a boat, cooking Jambalaya, getting some sun and relaxing




– up at 7 am
– headed to Moreland for my nephew’s baptism

– to the park for lunch with family
My Nieces

– drove home
– made Jalapeno popper dip for party (recipe coming soon)
– went to our friends‘ house for a birthday/swim party

– had a great time

Birthday Party for our friend, David


– chilled out
– I had to work in the evening

– Rob went Dr. for earache = swimmer’s ear
– while I was at work, I got a call from Rob saying the tv had been destroyed thanks to a Wii Remote (cue: very sick feeling in my stomach!)
– on my dinner break, Rob and I went to Sam’s and Best Buy
– found a decent TV
– bought it

– came home after work to absolute darkness! you never realize how dark it really can be until something like this happens.

Thursday (that’s today!)
– took Drew to the Dr. for earache that I was trying to treat at home with no luck = swimmer’s ear
– started a summer read with the boys
– went to work, power went out for over an hour
– Rob took the TV back to get a better one

So yah, that sums up what’s been going on! Still playing the waiting game….

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