West Coast Trip:Day 13

By | June 17, 2017

Day 13 of our West Coast trip was the day we were headed home. Our flight didn’t leave till later in the afternoon, which gave us time to do something. When Rob lived out in Portland, his favorite place to shop was Fred Meyer. Fred Meyer is similar to a Walmart, but way better. It is truly a one stop shop. From furniture to groceries to name brand clothing it has it all. After having breakfast and checking out of the hotel, we headed over to Fred Meyer so the kids could see what an awesome store it was and to get some Portland souvenirs. I unfortunately didn’t take any pictures from there.

We were curious to checkout World Headquarters for Nike, so Rob drove us by there. There was something big going on there, so there was lots of traffic flowing in. We quickly got out of dodge after snapping a few pics from the car.
World Headquarters for Nike

World Headquarters for Nike

World Headquarters for Nike

Then, it was on to lunch before heading to the airport. We decided to hit up Chang’s Mongolian Grill one more time. However, this time we went to one closer to the airport. It actually ended up being quite a bit better. The smallest details can make a huge difference when cooking.
Alex enjoying Chang's Mongolian Grill

Off to the airport we went after Chang’s. Luckily we had extra time buffered in because when we got to the airport, we found out that Thrify Rental Car is not located in the airport. Its a few miles away, but all went ok.

We made it to the airport in plenty of time. Not long after taking off, we started watching for Mount Hood. However, we were sitting on the wrong side to see, but were able to see some other mountains.

I believe this was Mount Adams.

We think this is 2 of the Three Sisters

Really interesting farming patterns as we flew over Nebraska (I think it was).

More pics from the day.

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