Weekend fun

By | January 20, 2006

Monday is my older son’s 8th birthday…sheesh!! I can’t believe it. Nothing like waiting to the last minute! So I’ve spent my afternoon calling moms to invite their sons to come over for a party. Not only a party, but a ‘spend the night party’! Yes, I think I’ve gone CRAZY! They’re being dropped off at our house tomorrow before lunch and then, we’re headed to a surprise for Drew. The Moms know, but the boys don’t know because we wanted it to be a surprise. Oh, and did I mention I have a math workshop that I’m required to go to from 8 to 12? Yah, fun! This evening I’ve been cleaning, washing clothes, sheets, blankets, and making cupcakes. So the current count for boys we will have are my 2 boys plus 4 more! All spending the night…yah I think I’ve gone nuts!

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