Week 8 & 9 [2022]

By | March 7, 2022

2 weeks ago started out with a trip to the orthopedic for my shoulder. It hurts kind of all the time now, but especially when I lift my arm out. I ended up getting a steroid injection and am now doing a few appointments of physical therapy and my favorite place. It has just been one thing another the last few months with me.

2022-02-21 11.26.08

I also finally got my tomato, pepper, and herb seeds started inside.

2022-02-23 18.41.50

I got my haircut. Here it is straightened.

2022-02-25 15.45.26

One night we were in Rob’s home office and he was rearranging some things to make room for some new wall hangings. Something caught the top of this bobblehead and it went tumbling to the ground. Here’s what we ended up with.

2022-02-28 21.44.53

I pulled out the E6000 High Viscosity Glue and pieced it back together. I think it looks pretty good.

2022-02-28 22.10.02

I keep forgetting to take a picture of his new wall.

I mentioned it before but didn’t go into details about this. Rob got an email from Carnival and when he got home from baseball one night, he was like we gotta look at this email. So we did and we realized the offer was too good to pass up. 4 people, 8 day cruise, for about $600 total. Rob and I along with his mom and step dad are heading to the Southern Caribbean in a couple weeks on the Carnival Horizon. Since we had to cancel our after Christmas this is exciting, but I do feel pretty guilty that the kids and Caitlyn can’t go with us.

2 thoughts on “Week 8 & 9 [2022]

  1. Joanne

    How exciting! That is an amazing deal and I hope you have the best time on your cruise. Your hair looks great. I think you did a fabulous job gluing Freddie back together.

  2. Tanya

    Wow, what an incredible deal on the cruise! I’m so excited for you! Love the haircut. 🙂


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