Week 7::2023

By | February 20, 2023

Feb. 13-19, 2023 happenings!!

Chili morning and cool milage number I landed on.

2023-02-13 06.53.54
Rob and I were frantically trying to get people to RSVP for the wedding so we could place the order for food for the reception.

Lunch at Moe’s BBQ

2023-02-14 12.17.41
I think I’ve said this recently, but the sunset skies have been spectacular lately.

I went to bed Tuesday night feeling like I was getting sick, so when I woke up Wednesday morning with a terrible sore throat and a pounding headache I knew I was in for a rough couple days. However, with wedding a week and half out, there was no time to just lay around. I ended up using much of my days dealing with wedding stuff, like painting these clips that I’m going to use to attach the flower arrangement to the head table.

2023-02-15 10.00.51
Rob came home for lunch and Alex also joined us after his training at a new restaurant/bar that’s opening soon. Katniss is always so happy when he comes over. Here Alex has his phone on selfie mode.

2023-02-15 14.57.33
Another day at home. Congestion felt deeper in my chest and body aches that were killer. Still no rest for the weary. I met Rob at Reprographics to talk to them about ordering signs for the wedding. I also went by McQuick to find out prices for the programs and trifold table tents. Then, I went by the church to talk to our church hostess about all things in the kitchen. I was so thankful when we got there, she basically just said she would help out. We made sure they had the racks and pans for when the food was brought in.

2023-02-16 09.59.10
Saturday the body aches had finally subsided, but still somewhat of a lingering cough. We went to Sam’s for the wedding day breakfast foods and plastic/paper goods for that and the wedding. That afternoon, Rob went to the baseball game and then we went to see Big Daddy Weave in Opelika.

2023-02-18 19.26.02
We went and printed the name plates, table signs, maps, and these hotel guest bag notes.

2023-02-19 20.31.52

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