Week 6::2023

By | February 13, 2023

Here’s my (Feb. 6-12, 2023) highlights.

Tuesday during lunch, I had to run across campus for the Auburn ‘made’ honey for the welcome gift bags for hotel guest.

2023-02-07 12.09.44

Thursday morning we woke up to a weird color in the sky that casted down on everything. I tried to get a picture of it. You can kind of see there’s a oranginess to everything. It’s that weirdness you see sometimes before a storm rolls through.

2023-02-09 06.39.45

I’ve been feeling super lethargic and just more tired than usual. I’ve also felt like my blood pressure has been running high, but its the opposite. For me this is super low. This lifestyle change with exercise and healthier eating is really making a difference.

2023-02-09 06.35.46

Thursday, my emptynester group and I went out for “Boozy Bouquets” in the neighboring town of Opelika and I actually remembered to get a picture!! This is all of us except one of the Amy’s. Such a fun time. We got 2 drinks, fruit, cheese, and nuts, and got to make a bouquet.

2023-02-09 17.50.19

2023-02-09 18.12.16

After leaving there, I dropped by the church because Rob and his brother had started putting lights up inthe fellowship hall for the wedding reception.

2023-02-09 21.01.16

They got the first of 6 sets of lights put up.

2023-02-09 21.36.41

Rob and I went to not the normal Mexican place for lunch, because our old standard hasn’t been great lately. This is from El Dorado.

2023-02-10 12.36.41

After work Friday, I went home to do my walk/run and rest. Then, Rob headed up to the church to work on more lights. I ended up meeting them up there with all the center piece stuff so Caitlyn and I could start working on those.

2023-02-10 21.59.21

Often before bed, I’ll have an apple and some nuts. On Friday night, I just wasn’t with it and ended up cutting my finger. This is what it looked light on Saturday.

2023-02-11 16.14.30

Saturday, Rob and I went to the Auburn vs Alabama game. During a commercial timeout, they had to come out and fix the camera.

2023-02-11 13.20.29

We ended up losing that game which is a total bummer. However, it was a good game to go pick up orange and blue shakers. Rob and I stayed after the game and collected those for the wedding reception.

Sunday evening instead of watching the super bowl we were up at the church to put the final 2 sets of lights up.

2023-02-12 21.15.27

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  1. Joanne

    The lights look fantastic! I’m sure your guests will enjoy the honey too. The boozy bouquets sound like fun and turned out wonderful.

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