Week 43:2023

By | November 3, 2023

Week 43…(Oct. 23-29, 2023)
Just a few highlights from last week to share…

2023-10-23 16.05.15

Work share board – A coworker of mine puts a new theme for anyone in our department to add to. Last week, we “Added a Cat.” Here’s mine:

2023-10-17 07.38.47

Friday on the way home, I saw these guys flying overhead, which was a practice for the flyover on Saturday. I love living in a college town!

2023-10-27 15.12.14

We had Bigsby on Friday since they were getting ready for the party. I took him for a walk/run.

2023-10-27 15.28.21

I blogged about the Halloween Party>>>2023

2023-10-27 19.40.08

Saturday, Rob and I went to the game.

2023-10-28 14.27.45

Sunday morning, Rob left for his conference in Roanoke, VA and I went to church by myself.

2023-10-29 11.34.02

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