Week 41 [2021]

By | October 18, 2021

Week 41! Can ya’ll believe its 9 weeks till Christmas? I’m not usually one that counts down, but I was just thinking about how far in the year we are already. Its crazy to think about. Here we got with Oct. 11-17th!

My doc wanted me to try a new medicine for several health reasons, but the main one being slightly high blood sugar. So I started that on Monday and regretted it hours later. I felt awful! I ended up in bed all day Tuesday and I let Kayleigh get up there with me for a bit. I always regret that after putting her back on the floor because she leaves behind a mess of hair in the bed.

2021-10-12 11.47.21
This week I placed my Walmart pick up order and went and picked it up. The worker brought my stuff out and told me he couldn’t bring it all out at once, so he’d have to put the stuff in my car and go get the rest. I was thinking, “I only order about $100 worth of food, so that’s weird.” I figured they must have messed up my order or something. When I got home and opened the trunk I noticed 2 gallons of tea, 2 containers of toilet paper, 2 12 packs of Dr. Pepper. These were just the items not in bags, so they were obvious. Turns out they DOUBLED my order. So I basically got 2 complete orders of food for the price of one. I ended up letting Drew and Caitlyn come get a lot of the stuff.

2021-10-13 17.03.44
My pepper plants have struggled as soon as I repotted them. The pest pressure has been bad and I really haven’t taken the time to stay on top of it. You might want to get in touch with pest control nashville to thoroughly opt your concerns.

Pests can multiply quickly and cause damage to your home so it’s crucial to take action quickly especially when you have plants.

These are probably the only 2 peppers I’m going to get.

2021-10-14 17.59.42
Rob made Gumbo Saturday night. So yummy!

2021-10-17 12.00.51
After church, Rob and Drew left for Atlanta for the Braves playoff game. I kept Buster.

2021-10-17 11.52.16

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