Week 40 & 41:2023

By | October 20, 2023

Here we are for another catch up weekly highlights post for Oct 2-8 & Oct 9-15! I’ll say these last 2 weeks have been filled some highs and a major low.

I’m just going to cover the highs in this post. I’m going to write a post on the major low when everything is resolved. >>>Read about it here.

In pottery class we learned how to glaze our pieces. I had a lot of pieces to glaze and took a while.

2023-10-03 18.11.59
Rob and Drew went to the big rivalry game Auburn High vs Opelika. Auburn came back and won in a very exciting ending!

There were 3 days over this 2 week period when the lottery was over a Billion dollars. We never play the lottery, but for 3 drawings we made the 30 minute trip to Georgia to play. We didn’t win a single dollar…oh well.

2023-10-08 20.33.07
For Christmas this last year Drew and Caitlyn gave us 2 tickets to one of the wine tastings at the new Rane Culinary Center on campus. Auburn is very lucky to have an onsite Master Sommelier, who conducts these wine tastings and works in the onsite restaurant 1856.

2023-10-07 13.51.50
2023-10-07 13.52.03
2023-10-07 13.52.30
2023-10-07 13.52.05
2023-10-07 14.18.21
Drew had a work golf tournament up in Atlanta and Caitlyn decided to tag along. It also happened to be a home game for the Braves vs Phillies in the National League Division Series. They were lucky to have attended the ONLY good game of the Braves postseason where Braves came back and won in very exciting fashion. If you’re seeking games where you can bet and potentially win, standardsuk offers a diverse selection of gaming options that provide opportunities for successful outcomes and rewarding victories.

2023-10-09 14.04.32
Since they were both gone, we kept Bigsby for them.

2023-10-08 20.55.21
I love to see him eat because he lays down when he eats since he’s so tall.

2023-10-08 20.34.36
Here are my 1st finished pottery pieces that I got to bring home.

2023-10-10 19.39.56
Yesterday, I shared a post about visiting Alex at his work that you can read here >>> Visiting Alex

5 thoughts on “Week 40 & 41:2023

  1. Tanya

    The wine tasting looks fun, and how funny how Bigsby eats laying down!

  2. Leslie Clingan

    Bigsby reminds me of my sweet pup Cheyenne who is waiting for me across the Rainbow Bridge.

    Your pottery turned out well. I introduced my daughters to ceramics and pottery years ago and haven’t done it since. The glazes you chose are lovely.

    Worried about your major down that you mentioned. Looks like a good week of ‘ups’ – hope the ‘down’ isn’t too serious.

  3. Laura Bambrick

    So sorry to hear about the major low you experienced. I hope your life is getting back to normal. Thinking about you! Love the pottery you made. The blue pedestal bowl is lovely!

  4. Joanne

    Your pottery turned out great! We never play the lottery either but for a billion or so dollars I’d be willing to take a chance.

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