Week 28 [2021]

By | July 19, 2021

Every week that flies by I just can’t believe how fast time seems to go by. I saw this quote recently and just loved it. It was a bit of comfort for those time when I feel like time is just slipping though my fingers so quickly. Today I’m sharing life’s happenings for Week 28, which is July 12-18, 2021

Time Flies

Monday – July 12th
This bar area in the kitchen is such a clutter magnet.

2021-07-12 19.13.41

Tuesday – July 13th
Rob and I ate lunch downtown. While I walking back to work this guy was eating lunch as I came around my building.

2021-07-13 13.02.55

Wednesday – July 14th
I had to show this sweet baby of ours. Kayleigh is the sweetest dog. Look at her laying her head down in my lap.

2021-07-14 19.52.24

Here’s the group at Sweat Week. Alex’s very last one. He’s on the back row 2nd to the end on the right.

2021-07-17 06.11.26

Thursday – July 15th
The university is finally upgrading to the touchless readers to get into buildings, etc!

2021-07-15 15.30.05

Friday – July 16th
Look at the new leaves! This is so exciting.

2021-07-16 12.48.29

Hope you had a great week!

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