Ways To Stay Active When You’re Short On Time & Space

By | September 23, 2023

Being busy should never be an excuse for not living a healthy lifestyle. However, when you do not have enough time to get the basic things in life accomplished, it can become difficult to stay active. Beyond that, some people don’t begin some activities because they just don’t have th space to house the equipment they need. Luckily, there are ways to make it happen, even if you have limited time & space. Keep reading to learn more.

Don’t Worry About Space
If you have ever wanted to try something but felt the supplies or gear were too bulky to store in your current home, it is time to reconsider that sentiment. With advancements in the quality of sporting and exercise products such as that treadmill rental, you have many options to choose from instead of being limited to only those things that fit in your space. Consider these innovative ideas and try something different.

  • Stand Up Paddleboards – There are a variety of great budget stand up paddleboards to choose from, so they are not only small-space friendly and portable, but affordable, too. These paddleboards are versatile enough to withstand and support a wide range of body types in addition to both low and high temperatures, all while packing in and packing out with ease in addition to packing up for transport and storage with a small footprint. This means you have a new way to stay fit and enjoy the great outdoors.
  • Adjustable Dumbbells – If you like to exercise but are frustrated by finding proper storage for your weights, look into adjustable dumbbells. They have a similar footprint as one set of regular dumbbells, making it much easier to keep everything organized but still accessible for an easier workout at home. They offer flexible weight adjustments to meet your needs while still offering the ability to level up when ready. Get in touch with Quality Second-Hand Gym Gear suppliers to order pre-owned workout equipment. If you have surplus gym equipment like dumbbells that you no longer require, reaching out to Gym Equipment Buyers might be a smart move to sell off these items.
  • Adjustable Step Workout Bench – This is another versatile piece of equipment you can tuck away under a couch or slide into the corner when you are not having a sweat session. Opt for adjustable benches to maximize the options ranging from low step to high step for increasing difficulty. Workout benches can be used for tricep dips and sometimes as a weight-bench alternative, and, hey, don’t forget to check out this red sports bra for an extra boost of style and support during your fitness routine.
  • Jump Rope – Jump ropes are not a thing of childhood playgrounds and after-school activities. Creative and educational markings from https://www.playgroundlinemarkings.co.uk/ are the ones that will help your child develop their skills. They are excellent tools for intense cardio workouts. And they are the ultimate space savers in addition to being very affordable. You can pop a jump rope in your day bag, briefcase, or carry-on without skipping a beat (pun intended). Make sure that your space is safe while you are moving, and install a playground rubber safety surfacing. If you want to build a sports field with the proper surface, you may check out the services at sportsandsafetysurfaces.co.uk. If you need innovative marking techniques, make sure to get expert help from the professionals.

Watch this video for a 15-minute cardio jump rope workout.

Find More Ways to Move Throughout the Day
Trying to fit in more movement into any given day may seem next to impossible, but you have options. Try some of the following small life changes to become more active each day.

  • Take the Stairs – Even if the elevator has been your go-to for moving from one floor to the next over the years when visiting or working in multi-floor buildings, you can still make a change. By taking the stairs, you will notice a difference in how you feel. At first, you may be out of breath, but after some practice, who knows? You might want to run up and down for even more cardio benefits.
  • Park Further Away – You have surely noticed the multitudes of people circling parking lots looking for that perfect spot closest to the entrance. Do not be one of those people. Instead, park as far away as possible from your destination. You get the benefit of extra steps accumulated to and from the building, the potential for fewer door dings, less traffic in and out of the parking lot, less time wasted looking for a parking spot, and less gas wasted.
  • Walk to Work – If you live far away from work and public transportation is an option, take it. The way to make an impact on your commuter lifestyle is to get off one stop before your destination. With this strategy, you get to where you need to be while reaping the benefits of walking that extra stop. Repeat this tactic at the end of your day for even more movement. If you live close to work, walk or ride your bike for maximum activity points.

Being creative and open to new and innovative ways to stay active are keys to helping you achieve your fitness goals. You do not need to join the latest fitness craze to stay fit. All you need to do is stay the course and keep going to get where you want to be.

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