Watching on YouTube (2023 Favorites)

By | December 4, 2023

Watching on YouTube (2023 Favorites)

Hey ya’ll! Today for my YouTube post, I decided to post my favorite channels for each category. I wish YouTube would allow you to run some report to see which channels you watched the most for a time period. Anyway, for each category I picked my favorite YouTuber based on which channel popped into my mind the category was typed out. I didn’t want to analyze it too much and make it so complicated and I also felt this was the truest ‘winner’ for each category.


Little SkittleLittle Skittle [12.6K subscribers – 166 videos] – Little Skittle (Becca) hiked a good portion of the Appalachian trail. She shares beautiful views from the trail. Her last video said she was about to get back on trail to finish the AT after getting off trail because of injury and family things back home. Wondering if she got to finish…


Roots & RefugeRoots and Refuge [614K subscribers – 1.3K videos] – While I didn’t watch as much of Jess and Miah’s channel this year, I still love coming back and watching their lives on their homestead.


Alexis EldredgeAlexis Eldredge [52.4K subscribers – 272 videos] – I started watching Alexis this year, and while her content is not mind blowing, I love watching this 26 year old go through life living in Manhattan, NYC.


The Endless AdventureThe Endless Adventure [589K subscribers – 855 videos] – Eric and Allison are such a fun couple to watch, quirky, yet so likable this year they have had some difficult personal times, but still continue to get out on the road. I love that they name their vehicles, Clementine (Vintage RV), Ruby (Jeep of some sort), Doug (the Durango), and more! Their adventures this year have been I believe all in the US from staying in an old train car turned AirBnB to taking a car ferry to Alaska just as winter starts.

Van Lifer

Linnea & AkelaLinnea & Akela [202K subscribers – 299 videos] – Linnea and her white German Shepard dog, Akela, live full time in a van traveling mainly in the north/mid west. Beautiful scenery and lyrical narrating has me coming back every week!

Favorite New Channel

Nick Laferriere
Nick Laferriere [5.05K subscribers – 9 videos] – Nick is a brand new YouTuber, who recently purchased Eamon & Bec‘s van. His main job is creating beautiful photos of surprise engagements and other photo shops at Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada. He and his videographer/editor, Sheldon, are putting out some really cool videos about Nick’s adventures in photography and vanlife.

What were your favorite YouTube channels this year?

Photos from each YouTuber courtesy of the respective Instagram accounts.

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