Watching & Listening – Jan/Feb 24

By | February 27, 2024

Here we are for another Watching & Listening post.

I use the app TV Time app to help me keep up with everything I’m watching, because I really do watch a lot of TV. It seems though you have to have a profile to see other’s profile, which is a bummer.

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The Florida ProjectThe Florida Project

Happiness for BeginnersHappiness for Beginners


Rookie of the YearRookie of the Year


Eight Men OutEight Men Out
(Pluto TV)

Queenpins Loosely based on a true story of 2 women who get wrapped up in selling coupons.

Blindsided Interesting documentary about Michael Orr and the movie Blind Side

The Florida Project Story of a young single mom and her daughter who live in a cheap motel…Not a true story, but really it is. It reminds me of many children I taught during my time as an elementary school teacher.

Happiness for Beginners is a Netflix movie with Luke Grimes (Yellowstone) and Ellie Kemper (The Office). Cute little movie that kinda got on my nerves, but I did finish it. Predictable, but sweet.

Baseball Movies – So with baseball season just around the corner (and now underway for Auburn) Rob wanted to watch a bunch of baseball movies. Here’s what we watched so far.

Moneyball Brad Pitt stars in a true story about the manager for the Oakland A’s who makes a winning team with a tiny budget. Really enjoyed this one!

Rookie of the Year When Henry breaks his arm, his dream of being a baseball player comes true. Cute!

42 True story about Jackie Robinson and how he became the first African American baseball player. Love this movie!

Eight Men Out This was our least favorite of all the baseball movies we watched this year. I think I actually enjoyed it a little more than Rob, but still kind of slow. This is the story of the 1919 Chicago White Sox and the team’s stingy owner.


TV Shows

New Shows This Month

Lessons In ChemistryLessons In Chemistry
(Apple TV+)
Season 1

The TouristThe Tourist
Season 1

Season 1

My Life With the Walter Boys
Season 1

The ChosenThe Chosen
(The Chosen App)
Season 1 & 2

American NightmareAmerican Nightmare
Season 1 & 2

Lessons in Chemistry Loved the premise. Not sure if they’ll be a season 2.

The Tourist Weird. After every episode, I was like I gotta know how this ends. Season 2 comes on Netflix in a couple days!

Tracker Justin Hartley- need I say more?

My Life With the Walter Boys Despite most people hating this show and it’s characters, I love this show and can’t wait for season 2.

The Chosen – This one lately has also had its criticism with people saying it’s adding to the Bible. I think its a good show, but to realize it is a depiction of stories from the Bible, not Truth.

American Nightmare A true story that will have you scared to death about police corruption. Riveting!



The Bible RecapThe Bible Recap

S TownS Town

Murder 101Murder 101

The Bible Recap podcast goes along with the 365 Bible plan from the Bible App. I can’t believe I’ve stuck with this plan. I love the reading and summary podcast/video only takes a total of 10-12 minutes each day. I highly recommend this plan/podcast.

S Town – I’m actually listening to this one again. This is a story of an Alabama man named John who despises his town, which he calls S Town. He gets the by Brian Reed to investigate. Obviously really good since I’m listening to it a 2nd time.

Murder 101 A Tennessee sociology teacher gets one of his classes super interested in investigating a possible serial killer cold cases. Meanwhile the students are learning so much about people and not even realize it. Really interesting!



Apple Music is now sharing a summary for each month, which is pretty cool. I decided to share that as my music part. It will always be from the previous month. Here’s January summary:

January 24_Replay 1

January 24_Replay 2

One thought on “Watching & Listening – Jan/Feb 24

  1. Tanya

    We are enjoying Tracker, and I want to watch season 2 of the Tourist. We watched the first few seasons of the Chosen, but haven’t watched the latest. I understand the controversy, but think I can just take the show for what it is – an interpretation of the Bible. It actually helped me understand some of the passages more to see the characters on the show. Thanks for all the recommendations.


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