By | May 10, 2007

Thanks for all the prayers. Keep them coming please. Things are still not good with me and won’t be until there’s a resolution. If you’d like to read about what’s going on, all those entries will be password protected. I have to be careful who reads it, so if you’d like the password just let me know and I’ll share. I’m just being cautious.

On a happier note, we’re picking up the U-Haul tomorrow and are going to fill it with the first load. We’ll go over Saturday morning for the walk through and then, hopefully we’ll have the truck full from Friday night so we can go ahead and unload that first load. We’ve been packing a room each night and we’re pretty much all packed up. We still need to pack the storage shed. We’re packing our closet tonight, which doesn’t sound bad, but it’s chalk full of stuff that is not clothing!

We’ve already been greeted by our next door neighbors through email. They seem like super great people, who were nice enough to come over and fix our broken drain plug, which was one of things that our buyer wanted fixed. They have 2 boys, which should be great and from what they’ve told us there’s lots more kids in the neighborhood for them to play with. Drew is still not sold on the idea of moving at all! Hopefully that will change as we start getting settled.

0 thoughts on “Update

  1. Kristi

    keep your chin up. you know that old addage that says if you look for the negative, you’ll surely find them’ so i guess the recerse is true as well. Hang in there1

  2. Alice Johnston

    Hi. I would like the password. I pray for you every day.

  3. Monkey Giggles

    I would like the password. I don’t know your situation. But God does, I just mention your blog. He will take care of you.


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