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By | October 27, 2011

Although, a few weeks ago I was trying so hard to get my pics uploaded and put here for my 365, I’ve taken on a few new projects that have consumed every extra second of the day. I’m still working on my sister’s wedding pics. Yes, I’m going very slowly with them. I’m also catching up with old video clips that I’ve taken with my video camera. I’ve had to remake some of the videos because when I made the original movie I didn’t make the different sizes. I just made them strictly for web use. Anyway, hadn’t been too bad. I’m almost caught up with all the video clips that are already on my external hard drive. Then, I get to hunt down all the video tapes and import all of those onto my computer and make movies out of those! WOW! Last time I did this…back in 2006 I think it was, I said I would stay caught up. This time I’m hoping that I really do, because there is such a learning curve every time I do it, plus it is so much more work to do hours and hours of video footage. Anyway, I don’t post those here. I post them on my family website for security reasons. This site is searchable and much more accessible and visited, where as the family website is really only shared with IRL family and friends. If you would like to look at it, just message me and I’ll be glad to share. I just like to know who’s visiting.

I’ve also been doing some crafting. Yes, yes, yes! It has been so great. I’ve been enjoying it so much. I’ve got pics to share! They’re coming soon. I’m still not done with a few of things and I hope to finish with those soon.

On top of all of the above I’ve also been really serious about cleaning. I’m sure Rob hasn’t noticed a thing, but I’m SO knocking out some serious cleaning and organizing. I’ve still got a long way to go, but I feel like the last couple weeks have been super productive. So many times when I’m trying to clean or organize I feel like all I do is move stuff from one place another, but this time it hasn’t been that way. I guess I’m actually finding homes for this stuff.

So that pretty much sums up my business. I do have a few other things I need to tell you, but I think I’m going to have separate posts for those, so keep an out for those soon.

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