The Weekly [10.18-24.2020]

By | October 26, 2020

Here’s my run down from last week that I call “The Weekly.” How was last week for you? I worked from home and didn’t really have a lot going on, which if you know me…You know I love!

Oh I almost forgot. Last Sunday I got together with a few of my friends from Cookbook Club. This was our first gathering since COVID. We didn’t bring food to share. We just brought our own food/drink. We sat outside on Joscie’s front porch and enjoyed conversations while socially distanced of course! It was so good to have some girl time. No pics were taken unfortunately.

Here’s Kayleigh chillin’ If only we could relax like our pets do.

2020-10-18 20.33.12

Caitlyn’s mom came in to town for the weekend. Here’s Caitlyn and Drew at a restaurant called The Depot looking all snazzy.

2020-10-18 18.01.23

Katniss is being extra friendly to me lately. Maybe she’s still thankful I rescued her a couple weeks ago from being locked in the shed.

2020-10-18 18.32.37

I’ve started drinking these little smoothies with probiotics in them to see if they help with all my stomach issues. The jury is still out on this.

2020-10-22 09.01.02

Drew and Buster come to visit at least once a week. Buster is Caitlyn’s dog that we’ve gotten to know now that Buster lives with Drew and Caitlyn.

2020-10-23 12.36.12

I got a new journal at Target over the weekend. I’ll probably share more about it later. Here it is on Amazon >>> Burn After Writing


Not sure I have a lot thoughts in particular this morning. I’m enjoying my Echo Dot. How many of you have one? What’s your favorite thing to ask Alexa?

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5 thoughts on “The Weekly [10.18-24.2020]

    1. Lysha Post author

      Yeah, I’ve been listening to music a lot too. Timer…hadn’t thought of using it that way.

    1. Lysha Post author

      Thanks! I go to see the dr. today, so I’ll ask more about this and update on the blog soon.

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