The Lowdown

By | May 9, 2007

So I thought about it today and decided I’d let you in on the lowdown for those that are interested in what happened. Last Wednesday, a week ago today my principal told me that they would not be able to renew my contract for next year. I was in complete shock and disbelief. I’m like, “how can you do this to me when you know I’m in the process of boxing up my house and getting ready to have a much larger house payment?” He just repeated the same thing over and over.

All I could think about was how am I going to tell Rob? I’ve done follow up with principal and gotten advice from many many other people. All my coworkers say I have their support and everyone has been hugging me and telling me they’re praying for me. It’s good to know I’m supported, not that it helps much.

I took the last 2 days off to fill out applications and get reference forms ready and all that mess! I CAN’T believe this is happening to me. I’ve never been in this situation before. It is so scary! I keep asking God why? Why are you doing this to me? What have I done to deserve this? One of my coworkers told me right after I found out that God only gives you as much as you can handle. I’ve thought about that and I’ve thought time after time I was at a breaking point. But now…I AM at a major breaking point! I keep thinking to about when I do land a job, how I’ll look back and laugh at all this. I just can’t wait to get to that point. It’s so hard to get a teaching job around here. There are so many awesome teachers that come out of the university and with many of the systems around you have to know someone. It’s all such a bureaucracy.

It’s hard to be totally excited about moving and decorating and all the things I was focused on before last Wednesday. I hate thinking about all the plans i had before this happened, because of all the money I was going to be spending to do the things I wanted to do. I’ll still do some stuff, but not to the extreme or at least not until I get a job. I just hope I get one in the next few weeks so that I can actually enjoy my summer and so that when my new job starts, the house will be organized and livable.

Continued prayers are much appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. Tracey/Real Estate Girl

    I am so, so sorry about all this. We’ve been through it and someday you will look back and THANK the Lord it happened because you will be so much better off.

    I know it’s hard to believe that right now…

    You’re in my prayers!

  2. Alice Johnston

    Hi. I know that this is a pain looking for a job. Can you give us an update? Did you resign? What did the lawyers say your options are? Also, you do a wonderful job with web design and you could do that for a living. There are a lot of teachers who cannot do their own web design or do not have the time. You might want to think about that and along with your picture taking, you could make a living doing what you really want to do. I don’t see you having to do much school either for those fields. Or at least just get a certification or something. Also, you might can tutor or work for Sylvan learning center or something. I have looked into that. It would take up your evenings, but if you could make as much or more money, your day would be free to do web design or photography.

    I love you and pray for you and I can’t help but think that this might be an opportunity time for you.


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