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Friday Feast #11

By | July 28, 2006

Appetizer What’s the funniest dream you can remember having? I don’t have funny dreams. Soup If you were a dog, what breed would you be, and why? Weimaraner, because they’re beautiful, thin, smart, and good tempered! Salad Continue this sentence: “I get confused when…” I try to think! 🙂 Main Course Name two things that… Read More »

Friday Feast #10

By | July 21, 2006

Appetizer Fill in the blanks: I ____________ when I _____________. I often cry when I get mad. Soup Name something you use to make your home smell good. Candles, all different scents depending on the season Salad If you could receive a coupon in the mail for 50% off any product, what would you want… Read More »