My Story In Photos: The Patriotic Edition

By | July 8, 2008

Looking back through July pictures, I started thinking of the traditions that we’ve had. Back when Rob was in school, the weekend connected to 4th of July was really our only opportunity to go to Texas to visit my family. So we did that for several years, even after he graduated.

This first picture is of Drew when he and I flew to Texas without Rob, because we were going for an extended stay.
1st time on an airplane

Here he is with my cousins at the lake.
Hanging with Cousins

This is from 2002 when we went to Texas and spent a day at the lake.
Look what I caught!

We also went to The Ballpark
The Ballpark in Arlington

This is Alex’s first trip to Texas in 2004.
Happy 4th

4th of July 2004

With Great Uncle Mike

With dad on the dock

2005 was another great 4th at the lake with my Uncle and his family.
US Flag

On the boat
Fun on Cedar Creek Lake, TX

In 2006, we went to Texas and enjoyed some time at the Stockyards.
At the Stockyards

We of course spent time with family.
At Grandmother's

2007 was our first year in our new house, so we didn’t make it to Texas. Here’s my niece at our neighbor’s block party.
4th of July Celebration

Alex having a blast at the pool
4th of July Celebration

This year we just hung out at the house and went down to the neighbor’s for a block party dinner and swimming. Then of course to see fireworks that evening.
4th of July

Fireworks on the 4th

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