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By | October 5, 2011

There are so many things that I’m struck by that I want to write about, but the words just don’t come to me or if they do they don’t make any sense. This time, I don’t care. I’m just in complete disbelief that Steve Jobs, the founder and creative genius of Apple Computers has passed away. He always said, “if there ever came a day when I could no longer meet my duties and expectations as Apple’s CEO, I would be the first to let you know. Unfortunately, that day has come.” He wrote is resignation letter on August. 24, 2011, just a little over a month ago.

I became a “Mac person” when I started dating Rob. Back then, Rob was using a Powerbook 170 like the one pictured below. And as clunky and heavy as it was, it was a great computer. I have memories of playing Lemmings on that computer, the sounds of the keys, and the feel of the trackball.

We also had a Performa and a Quadra which were similar and looked much like the one below.

Then in 1998, we bought the iMac THE day it came out. This was the 1st computer that Rob and I bought and owned together. Go ahead….”Awwwwwwww” I remember my Granddad, being the ‘better safe than sorry’ type of guy who backed up everything on floppy disks was shocked to know that we purchased the iMac. He couldn’t believe I’d own a computer that didn’t have a floppy drive.

Near my graduation from Auburn, I got my first Apple Laptop; a Powerbook G3. My memories of this was in our old house, where we had our office in our bedroom, our dog, Rosie, got her leg caught on the cord. It scared her and she ran with the cord wrapped around her leg, bring the laptop crashing to the floor. Luckily, Apple’s engineering was good enough that only a small piece of the plastic broke off.

I think the next computer we got after that was this new iMac. This is still the desktop that we have, but it’s downstairs in the office and it doesn’t get used much anymore.

In 2001 or so we replaced the original iMac that Drew was using with a Mac Mini pictured below.

At some point, Rob decided he wanted a laptop and opted for a used iBook. This was the laptop that Rob used up until the last year, when it could no longer be updated anymore and is just slow as molasses. Now we share the last computer listed.

For Christmas in 2002, Rob surprised me with a beauty of new computer. I was SO excited! One of THE best gifts ever!

via MagnoliaMom on Pinterest

Then, for an early birthday, Rob got me another new laptop, as the one above’s hinges were not made well and could hardly be opened or closed.

So as you can clearly see we are a happy family of Apple users. What I didn’t talk about was the 5 or 6 iPods that have been part of our family!

Quote from Rob on Facebook: “One of the greatest and coolest people in the world has died. I have always and will always admire him. RIP, Steve Jobs. I’ve loved your stuff from the beginning. Thanks for your vision and your company!”
If you haven’t watched his commencement speech that he gave back 2005, you should.

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