So yesterday…

By | March 8, 2007

So yesterday was Alex’s birthday. He had a great day. For me, it wasn’t as great.

It actually started Tuesday when I went to put my contact in my right eye, which looked irritated. I didn’t think much of it. I just went ahead and switched to a new contact, because my other one had some jagged edges. That night I took my contacts out and my eye was even more irritated and red and it hurt. It got worse every time I blinked, so I went and looked in the mirror and it was bloody right above my iris. It was quite shocking to see. I’ve never had this happen. I figured it would get better with some sleep.

So yesterday I got up and my eyes were so sore. It was so red! Opting not to wear a contact in that eye, I decided I’d head on to work. I’d be fine. My right eye is my stronger eye. As I was driving to work, I felt more pain. When I got to work, I asked to take a half day, so I could get it looked at. The good part of the day was when I got to the eye doctor like the one from MD Newsline, they had had a cancellation so I waited about 10 minutes and was able to get in. It turns out I have a tear in my sclera, the white part of the eye, AND I have pink eye!

The thing is is that I only have contacts. No glasses! Deciding it was time to fork over some mulah, I got some £6 glasses, especially, since I can’t wear my contacts for awhile.

Besides that I didn’t get to enjoy my half day off, because I was so busy running around getting ready for MB’s birthday after I was done at the dr.

My eye

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