Small Town Vacation Destinations To Visit This Summer

By | April 23, 2022

Domestic travel is a simple yet entertaining and relaxing way of exploring a country. Since the pandemic, Americans have resorted to taking the time to learn more about their country. What better way to explore America than visiting its charming small towns! With several independent shops, unique architecture and historic sites, picturesque landscapes, charming restaurants, and hotels; small-town life is increasingly appealing to many city dwellers. And with over 63% of the US population scattered all over various small towns, you’ll be sure to meet some interesting locals and feel a sense of community. If you’re thinking of traveling this summer, why not consider visiting a small town? Here are a few to help you find the ideal place, whether for a group or solo travel.

Bath, Maine
Also known as the “City of Ships,” Bath was once the center of nautical history and was a major supplier of shipping vessels in the 19th century. Many naval shipbuilders call this a small town home. However, even though shipbuilding remains an important feature of this New England town, it has many other features.

Downtown Bath is the town’s pride and joy. Walking through the small town’s center strongly reinforces its coastal community appeal. Bath’s downtown is the perfect mixture of old and new, with its durable and well-maintained 19th-century buildings, brick sidewalks, and period street lights. The town’s main street is also another amazing spot to visit during your time in Bath. It’s been slightly over two decades since Main Street Bath was introduced to the town, bringing some new energy and life to this small town. If you want to catch a concert and other outdoor performances during your summer vacation, Main Street Bath is the place to be.

There are also tons of restaurants and bars with delicious menus and drinks. You can try locally-brewed beers or try amazing beer-battered seafood. Bath has some of the finest hiking and walking trails for nature lovers with amazing views of animals, woods, and sandy beaches.

Greenwich, Connecticut
Greenwich is one of the oldest towns in the state of Connecticut, loaded with rich history and culture. Because of its exciting attractions and activities, there are many things to do in Greenwich, Connecticut. Tourism in Greenwich has been flourishing for over a century, and the completion of a direct rail line to and from New York has made this small town a vacation hot spot for many New Yorkers. So, what does this charming town have to offer tourists?

Greenwich has one of the best shopping districts that small towns can offer, with a wide range of shops. Downtown Old Greenwich, Downtown Greenwich, and Byram are popular shopping areas. This town is also home to some of the best beaches in the United States. Tod’s Point is a spectacular beach spot with some of the best views of Manhattan and some pretty cool walking trails. Other attractions include the Great Captains Island Lighthouse, Greenwich Library, and The Bruce Museum. Greenwich also has an amazing nightlife with modern restaurants and pubs both locals and tourists enjoy frequenting.

Livingston, Montana 
An hour away north of Yellowstone National Park lies Livingston, the perfect small-town escape for vacationers who appreciate the arts, nature, and shopping. Livingston’s downtown has a surreal landscape, with old and weathered brick buildings set against a stunning backdrop of snow-capped mountains in the distance.

There are tons of fun stores to check out during your stay in this Western town, with certain stores selling Wild West clothes and accessories. Livingston also has several outdoor activities to offer vacationers. Anglers would especially love to fish for wild trout in the Yellowstone Rivers; hikers can trek across its numerous trails around town, and you can try your hands at horse riding and river rafting if you’re feeling adventurous.

Traverse City, Michigan
Traverse City is the ideal spot for architecture buffs and food lovers. This lakeshore town is home to one of the best cherry pies in the country. Other interesting takes on some foods include fried sage and root vegetable waffles with poached eggs. It’s the place for you if you want to expand your culinary palette.

Besides food, Traverse City has some awesome art deco architecture pop up from time to time around the city. You can also spend hours exploring a state mental hospital turned into a modern shopping center at the Grand Traverse Commons.

There are so many other towns that the US has to offer. Hopefully, these towns will inspire you to get out, explore and meet other interesting people.

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