See toddler climb out of bed…

By | May 23, 2006

See Momma say bye-bye to quiet nap times,
See Momma say bye-bye to full night sleep,
See Momma lose her sanity!

Yes, yes, yes, Alex crawled out of the crib a few weeks ago during nap time. My first thought was “Oh! No! This isn’t supposed to happen to me!” Drew never climbed out of the crib. Yes, we were SO lucky! I didn’t realize that at the time. Anyway so Alex climbed out of his bed a couple times after he had taken a good long nap last weekend. Still I was thinking, “Ok, he’s ok because he’s not doing it in the middle of the night!” Until last night!! 3:00 a.m., I wake up to “Mama, Mama, I tee-tee.” So I went to change his diaper and told him it was time to go back to bed and go night-night. He screams bloody murder, but I close the door and started to pray. Just as I’m trying to get comfortable and doze off, I hear, “Mama, Mama, more joosh (juice).” He had gone and found his cup and came back to me with his empty cup. I’m thinking, “Uh! This is not good!” Needless to say I struggled with putting him in the bed, hearing him come back into the room, putting him back in the bed, and agonizing over the fact that it’s NOT TIME to get up YET! Finally, I just let him lay next to me and fall asleep.

Today during naptime which is now, I’m struggling with what to do, because he is up and down, up and down, screaming, and crying. He is over 2 years old and he could very well be put in a “big boy” bed. He’s really too old I guess for a crib tent, but eesh! The thing is, is that I’M NOT READY for him to be in a big boy bed! LOL! Any suggestions would be great!!!

2 thoughts on “See toddler climb out of bed…

  1. R*belle

    I am totally unqualified to give sleeping advice, but I can commiserate! Things are finally starting to look up at our house. Gah! I wish you luck!

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