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By | August 13, 2007

Gosh, I think it’s been forevah since I’ve written! I’ve been drowning in work. I’m quickly getting burnt out, so I’m trying to get ahead and stay ahead so that I won’t feel so overloaded. Today was only the 3rd day of school, which is scary. It seems every year I become burned out quicker and quicker. I just keep thinking, I need to find something else to do. There’s a lot of great things about teaching, but I’m just not sure it’s what I’m meant to do. But then, I think about the summers off. Although they’re short, it’s still better than any other career. Plus we’re getting another raise this year, which will be another 7%, which is SWEET! And the benefits and retirement here in Alabama are great. So as much as I feel like I’m drowning, working 13-14 hours a day, and sleeping less and less, I need to find a way to NOT be burned out.

I watched a movie the other day and it just touched me beyond belief. I cried till my eyes were red and puffy and I had a pounding headache. No really, it really was a great movie. It was a Christian based movie called Facing the Giants. It made me think about my Faith and how I turned to it during my rough summer. I hadn’t prayed much and I felt guilty for praying so insistently, when I knew I hadn’t been faithful about it otherwise. I need to dust off my Bible and begin reading again. Throughout the entire hellish time this summer, I just kept telling myself that I’m putting this in His hands and He will take care of me. He is doing this for a reason. Why? I have no idea WHY and I guess I may never know why. Everything occurs for a reason and He never gives you more than you can handle. So many times before I thought I was being overwhelmed and everything was stacked against me. After enduring such trials and tribulations this summer I know now that I can survive, but I know that I only survived through such a hard time because of Him. For those of you who don’t know what I’m referring to when talking about this summer, you’d have to have the passwords for those entries.

As for what all this has to do with my new job, I’m once again putting this in God’s hands to get me through this very busy time. I’m having a hard time working this much, because I feel like I’m neglecting my family. I know He can get me through this.

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