Santa Pics 2010

By | December 18, 2010

With Christmas approaching I thought I would post this pics I scanned on one of my scanning sprees. I wished I had more pictures of me with Santa and you never know, the more I go through old pics from Grandmother’s house, I may come up with more.

How priceless is this one? Me, I supposed this was my first Christmas 1975 with the Sleeping Santa! I just laugh every time I look at this one.

This one, well I’m not having anything to do with this rosy cheeked guy. “Let me down!”

Here I am at Monnig’s after having breakfast with Santa.

And this one, well I’m all dressed up at a family Christmas party. Home from college for the holidays.
Santa and me 1995

So do you have any old pics with Santa? I’d love to see.

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