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By | February 16, 2024

With all the bad that comes out of social media, there are good things that come from it too. This story starts off with a random message from one of my former student workers, Jordan. It was just part of her insta story one day, asking if anyone could help her finish her Auburn Bucket List. She asked, “Does anyone know how I can get up to the Samford Clock Tower for my birthday?”

I happen to be sitting in my living room across from Rob. Due to Rob’s job, he knows a lot of people on campus. I asked if he knows how to get up to Samford tower. He said yeah, why? I told him about Jordan. I found out when her birthday and Rob arranged it. So this last week, Rob and I along with Jordan and her husband and a few other people got to go up to the clock tower. It is really a cool thing!

To get up to the clock tower, you go up several flights of regular stairs inside of Samford Hall and then get to the ‘attic’ part of the building. This is one side of the attic. Then you go through a very old wooden door, which is the original door. (I didn’t get a pic of that.)

2024-02-09 16.10.59

Views on the way up, out the window
2024-02-09 16.34.13

Samford lawn

2024-02-09 16.34.59

2nd highest level is where the bell is that used to play every hour. Now what plays every hour is a recording that comes out of speakers, you can see to the left of the bell.

2024-02-09 16.14.26

Here I am with Jordan.

2024-02-09 16.31.32

Then you go up to the top level and that’s where the clocks are.

In the tower, the further up you go the narrower and steeper the stairs get, but none were an actual ladder, like we had heard rumors of.

2024-02-09 16.29.01

2024-02-09 08.22.31

2024-02-09 16.27.28

2024-02-09 16.23.48

2024-02-09 16.23.34

2024-02-09 16.20.31

It’s tradition to sign your name.

2024-02-09 16.18.19

2024-02-09 16.17.40

We signed it on the wood going across above our heads right in near the middle of the room. And just as I was writing this post and looking at the picture, I realized I signed right next to one of my current student workers! Crazy!!

2024-02-09 16.25.13

In the lobby, they have an old clock face.

2024-02-09 16.43.05

There is just a small handful of people that are allowed to give tours to the tower and I’m not sure they do tours for the general public. You could always call Samford Hall and ask…

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