Proverbs 31 Wife {Questions 16-20}

By | October 12, 2012

Proverbs 31 Wife

Here’s my next set of questions. If you missed my first post about being a Proverbs 31 Wife, you can find it here.
Questions 6-10
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#16. Does your husband listen to your advice? How do you influence him? How do you influence your family?
I’m not sure that give him a lot of advice, but when he asks I give it and he always takes it into consideration. I try to be the word of reason for my family regardless of the topic or the situation.

#17. How important is it to you to be beautiful to your husband? How important is it to your husband for you to be beautiful? What’s your definition of beauty? What are somethings you do to look or feel beautiful?
I don’t put the time or effort into looking as good every day like I could and maybe should. I think in most cases Rob would enjoy having me with my hair down, make-up on, and nicely dressed. Heck, I’d love that too, but with minimal time I have, I think Rob would rather my just be there than be worried about doing my hair and make-up. At times, I have the desire to really make myself look nice. Don’t most girls want to look pretty and feel good about the way they look? However, most days I throw my hair in a pony tail, slap on some eye liner, mascara, and powder along with the other necessary hygiene routines and keep on truckin’! I think that’s better than nothing at all.

#18. How often do you pray for your husband? What’s a prayer you’ve seen answered?
I pray for my husband everyday. I always pray a little more when Rob is sick that it is not illness that will make us go to the ER and just like this last January, sometimes God has other plans. Maybe it’s to force Rob to slow down and rest. Take a break from all he does. So maybe I didn’t get my immediate prayers answered, but God did answer my prayer for Rob to get better and to be able to come home and not be sick anymore for a long time. 🙂

#19. Have you experienced unemployment in your family? Had your spouse? What was it like?
Yes, I was unemployed for 3 years. It was so difficult, but we were so blessed to be able to stay afloat during that time. Rob was my encourager and motivator during a time when sometimes it took all I had to get out of bed, much less continue the agony of looking through WANT ads and scour the internet for job postings. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.

#20. How have you handled unexpected crisis situations? Disappointments?
Each situation in life is different. Unexpected problems in life can be tiring, draining, and make you wonder why God is doing this. With these situations, I rely on prayer, family, and friends.

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